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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


  Yi Sun


  Engineering, Queens' College

  PhD thesis: Ecosystem Resilience of Multinational Enterprises under the Trend of Deglobalization



Research interests:

  1. Transnational operation
  2. Deglobalization and decoupling
  3. Supply chain mangement
  4. Ecosystem resilience

Under the deglobalization trend, numerous multinational enterprises (MNEs) are being confronted with pressing issues of survival and encountering obstacles to their development. As a result, they are now increasingly exploring resilient ecosystem solutions as a means to overcome these challenges. Previous research in the field of business ecosystem often prioritized the examination of static and qualitative aspects such as the composition and structure of ecosystem. Comparatively, there has been a relatively limited focus on understanding the stability and resilience of ecosystems in the face of various risks. This research gap highlights the need for further exploration into the dynamic and quantitative aspects of ecosystems to better comprehend their ability to withstand and recover from disturbances. My research endeavors to investigate the configuration pattern, quantitative methods and mechanism of effect of ecosystem resilience in MNEs amidst the deglobalization trend within the framework of business ecosystem theories and international trade theories.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your research interests?

I have worked at the world's largest bank for six years, where my role involved providing financing for overseas projects of MNEs. In recent years, I have observed that these enterprises face hurdles in their operations and development due to global risk events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and trade protectionism. In this context, I am eager to explore strategies that can help them survive and evolve amidst the deglobalization trend. I believe "ecosystem resilience" could be a possible solution. Thus I aim to conduct further research to better understand and cultivate it.