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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


St Catharine's College, Cambridge

The Programme

The aim of the Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme is to support academically outstanding PhD students from any part of the world, and in any discipline, to produce intellectually rigorous research which makes a positive difference to the academic community and beyond.  At least 25 PhD students will receive a prestigious Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarship annually creating a cohort of the strongest PhD students in any given year across a diverse range of subject areas.

A significant proportion of the Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarships (25-33% each year) will be at St Catharine’s College. The larger group at St Catharine’s College reflects David Harding’s previous association with the College. However, the remainder will be distributed so as to guarantee excellent postgraduate students across the whole Collegiate University.


What we offer

A Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarship covers the following costs for PhD students:

  • the University Composition Fee at the appropriate rate for the duration of your course
  • a maintenance allowance (living costs) of £18,000 per year for the duration of your course, with the option to apply for maintenance funding during the 12 month writing-up period, should this be required
  • a personal research allowance (for expenditure on personal research expenses and research-related activities, for example, books and conference attendance) of up to £6,000 over the duration of your course

From 2021/22 admission onwards, the Scholarship will also cover the cost of an inbound student visa and the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge (for the duration of the visa granted), where applicable.

A calendar of activities and academic events will also be available to Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars over the course of each academic year.


Our Values

Academic Excellence and Integrity

Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars strive for excellence in their academic endeavours by pursuing the highest standards of research, practice and reflection throughout their Scholarship, with a commitment to personal and professional development. Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars work in an ethical, open, responsible and accountable way to maintain these high standards and are beacons of intellectual rigour.

Innovation and Exploration

Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars are creative and critical thinkers who explore the bigger questions and challenge the norms.  They are intellectually curious with a passion for discovery, knowledge acquisition and connecting and engaging with communities to put their research and wider professional activities in context.

Multidisciplinary Awareness

Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars welcome the multidisciplinary nature of their cohort, champion a collaborative learning environment and respect alternative approaches and perspectives.