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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


  Tobias Marozsak,


  Physics, Wolfson College

  PhD thesis title: Quantum simulation in an optical Kagome lattice

  Research interests:
  1. Atomic physics, quantum optics
  2. Quantum simulation
                                 3. Many-body quantum dynamics and emergent collective phenomena

My PhD focuses on the experimental study of quantum many-body systems using the versatile toolbox provided by atomic and optical physics. This is achieved by loading ultracold atoms in an optical lattice – a periodic optical potential that plays the role of the electrostatic potential felt by electrons in a conventional solid. Thereby, one can simulate condensed matter systems in a clean and precisely controlled setting, allowing for the study of fundamental questions and benchmarking theoretical calculations.
The Kagome lattice realised in the experiment provides a rich playground to observe exotic physical phenomena. It exhibits a large degree of geometrical frustration and hosts a flat band in the tight-binding limit, making it an ideal platform to study novel quantum phases and strongly interacting phases of matter. During my PhD I aim to explore some of these exciting phenomena and tackle the associated technical challenges.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your research interests?
I was inspired to pursue research by university lecturers and other academics who were always keen on teaching and helping me (even before university, preparing for scientific competitions). My current research interest was formed during a summer internship in Munich. Beside learning about the exciting and diverse field of quantum simulation, I gained some first-hand experience working in a research lab. This inspired me to join a similar experimental group in Cambridge for my PhD.