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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme

The Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge

Marno Swart, a Harding Scholar in his first year of a PhD in Law, was a conference Convener for the 13th annual conference of the Cambridge International Law Journal, together with Renatus Derler.

The conference took place on 8th-9th April 2024, with the theme of "the intersection of peace and sustainability in international law". the two-day conference consisted of six panels, four keynotes, and a formal hall at St John's College. Twenty-three panellists in total travelled from around the world, including New Zealand, Malawi, Nigeria, the Philippines and the USA to deliver their papers. The four keynote speakers were world-renowned scholars, namely Claus Kreß, Guy Goodwin-Gill, Martins Paparinskis and Annalisa Savaresi.

Full details about the conference can be found on the CILJ's website and social media.


Image credit: Sir Cam