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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


  Flavio Salvati,


  Physics, Queens' College

  PhD thesis title: Applications of Post-selection and Weak Value Amplification

  Research interests:
  1. Quantum Information
  2. Quantum Metrology
                                3. Quantum Computing

My PhD covers a variety of topics, from Quantum Computing, developing algorithms which can be run on NISQ devices, to Quantum Metrology, working on techniques to enhance measurements, bearing in mind experimental limitations and costs.

During my PhD, I will be collaborating with the groups of Prof. Seth Llyod at MIT and Prof. Aephraim Steinberg at the University of Toronto, particularly on using “post-selection” – a technique related to Weak Value Amplification (WVA) – in fields ranging from Particle Physics to imagining beyond the Rayleigh Limit.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your research interests?
I was inspired to pursue my research by the seminal work of Seth Llyod and Yakir Aharonov. Quantum Computing at Cambridge is particularly well suited for my interests. With close ties to the Cambridge Hitachi Laboratory and international collaborators, expertise ranges from quantum computing and metrology to artificial intelligence and machine learning in condensed matter and beyond.