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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


  Darius Hoven


  Biological Sciences (BBSRC DTP), Selwyn College

  PhD thesis: TBC



Research interests:

  1. Biosensors
  2. Supported membranes
  3. Organic electronics
  4. Biomedical technology

Who or what inspired you to pursue your research interests?

My research interests are rooted in a profound belief in the vast potential of technology within medicine. I am passionate about the application of biosensors as diagnostic and monitoring devices to enhance healthcare and advance our fundamental understanding of physiological processes. Specifically, biomembrane-based biosensors, which depict interfaces bridging the realms of biology and technology, captivate my attention due to the importance biological membranes play in sustaining life on our planet. Motivated to contribute meaningfully, I am dedicated to the endeavour of understanding the intricacies of the human body and shaping a future characterized by proactive medicine and improved overall health.