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Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme


  Alex Moorhouse


  Physics, Jesus College

  PhD thesis: Hybrid quantum-accurate models for the management of energy and information



Research interests:

  1. Computational materials science
  2. Non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum many-body systems
  3. Quasiparticle treatment of condensed matter systems
  4. Future computational hardware

The analysis of systems of many particles can be simplified by working with ‘quasiparticles’, a mathematical tool which involves selecting a more natural basis in which to consider collective phenomena. Quasiparticles are especially useful for exploring conduction phenomena (such as heat, charge and spin) through solid materials. My work focuses on developing generalised equations for synergetic transport which are applicable to a broader range of materials than existing formulations. Such a theoretical framework will assist with the design of disruptive materials for next-generation computing.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your research interests?

Physics illuminates the profound logical and mathematical structure of the physical world, which is exciting and awe-inspiring to behold. I love the feeling when something ‘clicks’ and I can understand a new piece of physics or gain a deeper appreciation of something I already know by discovering another angle from which to look at it. I have been particularly inspired by the great explainers, scientists who have explained complex ideas in the simplest ways, and many teachers, lecturers and supervisors who have shared their own infectious passion and curiosity with me.